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After i rebuild the pipes it was then time to put the SF back together. All the cables were sorted out. Lambda sensors were removed. All panels installed. All nuts torqued up & were applicable either threadlocked or copperslipped.

Once this was done i bagged the seat up and got the bike ready for detailing.

Step 1 .

Set to work on any greasy bits. The chain is ok as i use Profi dry lube so no mess on that. Spray gunk used on the wheel spokes & the brake calipers. I use a brush which is all plastic & will not scratch the paint. Gunk appied to parts of the engine and work in & left for a while
Tar spots on the wheels & the front rocker cover removed with wd40 applied on a rag.

Image: Only registered members can view images.

Image: Only registered members can view images.

Once this was done it was ready for the snowfoam. This is applied with a snowfoam lance which is fitted to the jetwasher. The foam is created by used Meguiars Hyper wash which is used @ a 400:1 dilution ratio.
Here is the snowfoam lance prior to fitting to the lance

Image: Only registered members can view images.

Here is what the bike looks like snowfoamed

Image: Only registered members can view images.

Image: Only registered members can view images.

This is left for 10-15 mins to soak in , you can use the plastic brush to work it into nooks & crannies. This is then rinsed off with the jet wash but not on full power.

Then the bike is washed using the Hyperwash again but in a bucket mix. Its washed using a 2 bucket method using a hand mop.
The bike is then rinsed again & started up to warm up whilst being hand dried using lint free rags.

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Once dry i buffed any imperfections using a wet rag with farecla gf3 for big swirls , going down to gf10 . This is then wiped off & final wax with Meguiars Tech wax which can be applied over paint,carbon & plastic & buffed off with a lint free rag.

The chain was given a coat of Profi Dri Lube & the hoses a spray of silicone grease & wiped clean

Image: Only registered members can view images.

Image: Only registered members can view images.

The bike looks showroom again and was treated to a new tank pad as the old one was a bit tatty


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  1. phillipo's Avatar
    The pipes look really good Dave. The frame colour really stands out. Very nice!
  2. stevel's Avatar
    Looks great, the results speak for themselves, but that foam looks like it gets in everywhere?
    Wee glimpse of wheelybin is a nice touch an' all
  3. Blackie's Avatar
    The foam does indeed get everywhere Steve. Is that something that worries you ?
  4. stevel's Avatar
    A bit Dave, but no solid reason why, and you seem to be getting away with it ok......think it's getting it in the clutch and engine/frame innards really, and with a bit of pressure behind it. I tend to rinse mine off with a hose, but avoid the electrics etc, and stick to the brakes, wheels and swing arm areas. Then use a garden blower to clear it, and a run round to get some heat flowing.
    We are getting dangerously close to "what's the best polish" territory, but when you see how good they look after the big clean, a sense of what's been used is always useful!
  5. Blackie's Avatar
    Thats why i start the bike after the wash & rinse as it basically evaporates all the fluid from the clutch & engine areas. The frame is sealed so no water gets in there.
    I avoid serious pressure on the fork seal/wheel bearing areas as thats not good for them IMO.
    Once the bike has warmed up it has hardly any water left on it at all & the bounus of it on the stands is you can spin the wheels to get the water off the discs & wheels.
    A garden blower or compressed air would be good but i have neither & i always found warming it up as the best policy. Having done this to many Dukes for many years with no probs i,m happy with this method.

    Going down to polish. I could go on for ages about detailing bikes & cars but the basic stuff i have always used is Meguiars Tech Wax. This can be obtained from Halfords and isnt too expensive. You can apply this to the plastics, paint & carbon & i even use it on the frame. It leaves no white dust & isnt a pain in the arse to buff off.
    The Hyper wash is also excellent stuff & lasts for ages.

    Being in the garage after a ride it does,nt need the hassle of paont protection systems & clay bar rubbing to remove crap like with the cars. I have loads of cleaning stuff for those such as "poorboys" & "dodo juice". The bike also does,nt need the DA polisher like the car so is much easier to sort out.

    If you want to see the foam lance in action bob round & do yours with it
  6. Blackie's Avatar
    Forgot to add. The foam lance has no pressure behind it as its on the low setting, It uses a venturi method to draw more air through than water to create the foam
  7. stevel's Avatar
    Nice one, thanks...........a job for the summer
    I got some Autoglym stuff cheap last week, inc the finishing stuff......although it's prompted more posts than tyres etc, yer can't beat the satisfaction of a shiny bike and the polishing cloth gliding over the gleaming paint............shit, did I really say that?