A guy on another Ducati forum has had a Diavel demonstrator stolen whilst it was on loan to him, potentially leaving him with a bill for £1000 excess on the dealers insurance. This got me thinking about the keyless ignition and the pin overide. I bought mine from Ducati Coventry a year ago, they didn't know the pin code when I asked as it had been re set by the previous owner, they contacted the previous owner and he couldn't remember what he'd set it to. No problem any Ducati dealer can reset the pin code to 0000 at a service, so I did nothing about it. Went into the garage today after reading the aforementioned thread and tried 0000, and the last four digits of the vin code, nothing. My third attempt was 1111, bingo, bike unlocked and started ! I've now changed it to a (hopefully) harder code. So please make sure you've got yours set to something hard to figure, 'cos I'm no bike thief but unlocked mine in three !!