As the title says, I took one out for a test ride today. Apart from the exhausts, it's a lovely looking bike with a lot of very nice design features, particularly the tail unit. Start it up and it is loud, even though it was running standard road pipes. Riding position felt good, very similar to my 998, but roomier. Through town it was a bit of a nightmare, lumpy with a very harsh throttle response, the dealer recommended setting it to wet mode for town to soften everything up, but I left it in sport mode. Once out of town and "making progress" it became much smoother and nicer to ride, the electronics package was great, the up and down quick shifter was probably the best and smoothest I've ever experienced although clutch less downshifts took a bit of getting used to, and I kept using the clutch. Handling was very good and going quick was very easy with plenty of power, but more gear changes were required than I'm used to with a twin to keep it on song. Now the above may sound as though I was ready with my cheque book, but to be honest, it didn't do it for me. It's a very good bike, but the more I rode it little negatives (for me) crept in. The view in the cockpit was uninspiring, the dash is nice and flashy when you first start it up and gives lots of info, but everything seems a bit flimsy, the fairing shook as did the clutch and brake reservoirs. Back in town in neutral it was lumper than my 998 and felt quite agricultural, as much as I enjoyed riding it, I didn't fall in love with it, for me it was lacking some character, some soul, can't quite put my finger on it, as it is a great bike. Maybe I'm spoilt owning a D16 and if I'd jumped off the 998 onto the 1299 it would be a different story, but somehow I don't think so.